Monday, June 25, 2007

Off The Grid!

Hey there blog land! I have been off the grid in a major way. The condo we stayed at didn't have internet in our room. So I didn't even check my e-mail for a week! GASP!!!! UNHEARD OF! It was actually kind of nice to be computer free for awhile. HOWEVER, then my phone broke. YEP! It's not quite as nice to be on a road trip with NO CELL PHONE! AACCCKKKK! I know. I am so spoiled. It's ridiculous. No cell phone. Whaaaaa cry me a big fat river. Hee hee. Well, hopefully I'll get a new one soon. There is no store near us here so maybe next stop. If I haven't e-mailed or called you it's nothing personal. I am just kinda off the grid. :0) Angel


The McKenzie Crew said...

Are you still coming????????

Call me - if you can -

I am gpoing to email you some stuff - like ya know - MY ADDRESS:)


Farrah said...

Hope you enjoyed your trips...HOW AWESOME...