Monday, June 11, 2007

KK's 4th Birthday! June 7th 2007


We started the day out meeting our buddies at the pool. Kaitlyn wanted to SWIM, SWIM, SWIM!! We had a little time on our hands so we decided to have a little photo session!

Pretty Zoe....

Just hanging out in our so cool van.:0)

The face of 4...


"OH LOOK! A present from Madeline!"
"Oh WOW! This is SO ME!"

Look at my little tadpole. She would live in the pool if I would let her.

Look at Zoe go! She is becoming quite the swimmer.

Sweet girls! After we swam Daddy came home early and we all went to eat chicken enchiladas. Delicious!

After a wonderful birthday dinner we all went shopping! We gave Kaitlyn a birthday budget and let her pick out anything she wanted to buy. This is a favorite fun tradition for the girls at our house. Time for shopping at Target and Marshalls.
Could I BE any cuter????????
Life is GOOOOOOOD for this four year old! The girl knows how to SHOP! Plus she got some great bargains. Ahhhh I have taught her well. We had so much fun and stayed out way too late. Fortunately the milk shakes the girls got on the way home gave them a wild sugar high! So the girls watched a movie while Russ and I made the requested birthday brownies for Princess KK.
How cute is this girl!
Seriously adorable!
Time to blow out the candles.
Zoe is a big brownie fan too. What girl isn't?
Do you see that clock?? YES! That is AM! We blew out the candles at 12:30 and we all got to sleep about 1:30 am. What can I say? We are party animals! It was a great birthday and we had a very happy 4 year old.
Hugs to you and a very happy birthday to my little princess Kaitlyn. Angel


Tricia said...

Hooraaayyyy for the birthday girl!!!! I've been waiting for the pictures!!!!!!

They are ADORABLE!

The McKenzie Crew said...

looks like you had a great time:)


Jane-Jane said...

1:30....I can't stay up that late and function the next day! Trust me, I tried it last night.... went to bed at 1 am, and I am sooooo feeling it today!

I want to be adopted into your family! You guys have so much fun!