Monday, June 25, 2007

Off The Grid!

Hey there blog land! I have been off the grid in a major way. The condo we stayed at didn't have internet in our room. So I didn't even check my e-mail for a week! GASP!!!! UNHEARD OF! It was actually kind of nice to be computer free for awhile. HOWEVER, then my phone broke. YEP! It's not quite as nice to be on a road trip with NO CELL PHONE! AACCCKKKK! I know. I am so spoiled. It's ridiculous. No cell phone. Whaaaaa cry me a big fat river. Hee hee. Well, hopefully I'll get a new one soon. There is no store near us here so maybe next stop. If I haven't e-mailed or called you it's nothing personal. I am just kinda off the grid. :0) Angel

The BIG Birthday Surprise!!

What does Kaitlyn love most???? I'll give you a hint. She's been begging and praying for this since the last time we were there. We told her maybe when she was 4 she could have it. Well THAT was her birthday present. Here are some videos I took for Daddy since he couldn't be there in person this time. How awesome is my hubby for working so hard to do this for his girls? He's the best. Thanks soccer boy. I miss you like CRAZY!!!!!! Anyway... you can watch the videos in order to see the whole surprise unfold. Hee hee! It was SOOO much fun. They kept asking us what we were doing for the surprise. We kept telling them we were going to go sit on turkeys and eat Kaitlyn's toes. They thought that was amusing but BOY were they curious! :0)



PURE SHOCK! Thanks Daddy!

It finally hits Kaitlyn! Let the celebration begin!:0)

THIS is what Kaitlyn thought about her birthday present! She was so excited she could barely contain herself. There is more to come. I'll blog more and post pictures when I get time. Hugs! Angel

Friday, June 15, 2007

On the road again....

Tomorrow the girls and I are off on a great adventure! :0) We are leaving with my mom and her best friend to go on a BIG road trip. It's going to be awesome. Russ is going to meet us in a couple of weeks to spend the last few days of the trip together. We will be going to Florida, North Carolina, Washington DC and Tennessee. We will be visiting Zoe's foster sister from Guatemala and Julia as well as other super fun stuff. YAY! I will update the blog when I can. It will probably be hit and miss. I know we will be busy but I'll do my best. There will be lots to post about. HUGS TO YOU and happy trails. I hope you are all soaking in the sun like we are.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Let The Birthday Celebration Begin! -June 6th 2007

At our house one day of birthday celebration just won't cut it. So we started the day before Kaitlyn's birthday. That is actually her best friend Madeline's birthday. Remember Wendi- my friend on the girls trip? Madeline is her oldest daughter. Kaitlyn and Madeline have been best friends since they were in utero. They were born 20 hours apart and have been joined at the hip ever since.

We started out Madeline's birthday with a trip to the movies complete with popcorn and candy.

Then I decided to take the birthday princesses and do an impromptu photo session.

Sweet best friends.

After our photo session and some play time we got geared up in our swimsuits.

The girls were pumped up and ready for Madeline's splash pad party.

Silly girls! Peek-A-Boo!
Kaitlyn LOVED her birthday hat.
Mmmmmmmm gluten free cupcakes! Hee hee!! :0)

Kaitlyn ate 3 cupcakes!!!!!!! WOW!
Madeline's daddy helping with the sprinkles. Can't have too many of those.
Madeline's little sister Lilly thoroughly enjoying her cupcake.

We also had a family celebration on Saturday BUT I forgot my camera AGAIN! UUUGGGHHH! However, KK's grandma had hers so we got pictures. I just haven't gotten them yet. I'm sure they will make it on here someday. PLUS!!!! There are more birthday surprises yet to come..... OH YES THERE ARE! Kaitlyn's big birthday present hasn't been given yet and it's a doozy. Being on the lookout. :0) It will happen in about one week. She knows something big is happening but doesn't know what. HEE HEE HEEEEEE! Angel

Monday, June 11, 2007

KK's 4th Birthday! June 7th 2007


We started the day out meeting our buddies at the pool. Kaitlyn wanted to SWIM, SWIM, SWIM!! We had a little time on our hands so we decided to have a little photo session!

Pretty Zoe....

Just hanging out in our so cool van.:0)

The face of 4...


"OH LOOK! A present from Madeline!"
"Oh WOW! This is SO ME!"

Look at my little tadpole. She would live in the pool if I would let her.

Look at Zoe go! She is becoming quite the swimmer.

Sweet girls! After we swam Daddy came home early and we all went to eat chicken enchiladas. Delicious!

After a wonderful birthday dinner we all went shopping! We gave Kaitlyn a birthday budget and let her pick out anything she wanted to buy. This is a favorite fun tradition for the girls at our house. Time for shopping at Target and Marshalls.
Could I BE any cuter????????
Life is GOOOOOOOD for this four year old! The girl knows how to SHOP! Plus she got some great bargains. Ahhhh I have taught her well. We had so much fun and stayed out way too late. Fortunately the milk shakes the girls got on the way home gave them a wild sugar high! So the girls watched a movie while Russ and I made the requested birthday brownies for Princess KK.
How cute is this girl!
Seriously adorable!
Time to blow out the candles.
Zoe is a big brownie fan too. What girl isn't?
Do you see that clock?? YES! That is AM! We blew out the candles at 12:30 and we all got to sleep about 1:30 am. What can I say? We are party animals! It was a great birthday and we had a very happy 4 year old.
Hugs to you and a very happy birthday to my little princess Kaitlyn. Angel

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

My baby is 4!!!!!!

We are off to celebrate with her so more on that later. Just thought I would let you know. Oh, my sweet little baby Kaitlyn! It's bitter sweet watching the days pass so quickly. I just love these girls and I am soaking in my time with them. Before I know it I'll be posting graduation and wedding pictures on here! AAAACCCCCKKKKK! I'm not ready! :0) OK. I know I am being really dramatic but it seems like she was born a few months ago! I've been choked up off and on all day. Pathetic right??? Hugs, Angel