Monday, May 14, 2007



Jane-Jane said...

Oh Angel... thank you sooo very much for sharing this story...I almost didn't take the time to read the article. Oh how happy I am!

I can't wait to get to Heaven and ask Jesus if the first diagnosis was accurate, but healing occurred due to their love and willingness to care for their Natalie!?! I never doubt the power of prayer, even tho' it was not mentioned in the article.

Dimple Queen said...

WOW!!! What a story! Thanks for sharing that Angel.

Oh, and I love the camera! I might need some lessons on how to use it though! Maybe we can meet up at the Houston Zoo sometime! We live just south of Beaumont.

Angie (DQ)

Shelby said...

Wow - I had goosebumps after reading that story. Tho' we may never know if the first diagnosis was accurate it is a true testament to loves ability to heal.

danielle said...

Angel, all of your stories that you share either make me laugh or cry. This one made me cry! What a beautiful story! Thanks for sharing it!

Carrie said...

Hi Angel,
I hope you don't mind me coming to your blog. I really enjoyed reading the article you posted on Monday. It made me sad and also happy. I am very inspired by adoption. I would maybe someday like to adopt, only time will tell.

Your girls are so cute. I love the pictures you took on your vacation, even though you didn't have your good camera, they look great.

The McKenzie Crew said...

WOW - that was a powerful story - I wish every adopting mom could ready that story - it should be part of the requirements for adopting:)