Thursday, May 31, 2007

Home School Time!

This is what a normal school day is like at our house. I know this is a crazy lot of videos BUT I have been video happy apparently! Plus I know you guys like getting to hear these kiddos. It's especially fun hearing Zoe sound all American and KK sounding ADORABLE!!!

Here is KK working or NOT working on her math. She was not terribly cooperative today. BUT she was really cute. That's the reason she gets away with so darn much! :0)

OK we got the wasp and then we attempted to finish our lesson. Yeah... good luck!

Here is Zoe reading a book. I am SO PROUD of my girl. She has been working so hard in school. Isn't she cool? We switched from our old reading program and tried "Hooked On Phonics." We both LOVE it!! She is doing great and Kaitlyn is reading a LOT now too. WOW!

Here is some Math. Some of you have asked what we use. It is Right Start Math. It is the BEST program for Math I have seen. I could not think of switching. Their methods are so original and productive. I see Zoe and Kaitlyn truly UNDERSTANDING and loving Math. I am even understanding things better. It's sad I know. I never really "got" Math. That is proven by the fact that I did part of the lesson wrong. Should have started the trading with the ones.... Oh well. She seems to be learning Math in spite of me! The curriculum is so good even I can't mess it up too badly. :0)

Art Class at our house....


Scott and Carolyn said...

WOW!!! I am a Kindergarten teacher and this was fascinating to watch! You are doing a GREAT job with both the girls! They look and sound so smart and happy...that's the way learning should be! GREAT JOB!! I love it!!

Powell Adoption said...

Looks like they are learning so much, great job! I wanted to let you know that I have lost 8 lbs on the Makers diet these past two weeks! Wow, we are doing the first phase for two weeks but now will got to phase three. I already feel much better. Also we just found out today that our daughter Elisabeth got out of PGN YEAH! God is so good! Have a great weekend, thanks for all the encouragement.

Lisa said...

Hey girl !
It looks like Zoe is doing fabulous with her reading. Isn't it fun to see our children bloom? Can you believe it is finally June...and Zoe and Lidia will be together soon ~ YAY ! Can't wait.
Hugs, Lisa and family

Anonymous said...

Why does it say these videos are no longer available?