Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Welcome Home Fiesta Pictures

The party started with Zoe blindfolded!
When Grandpa took off the blindfold boy was she amazed! More that 75 people were there singing Happy Birthday to our princess.
This is her expression when she saw everyone.

Grandpa got a well deserved hug.

There were so many special people at this party. So many people from our family and dear friends. This family is one I met through my blog during our adoption process with Zoe. They have adopted two Guatamalan beauties. I was honored that they would want to make the drive. I think it was special for all of us to have some fellow Guatmalan princesses at the Fiesta.
We were so grateful to see our closest buddies as well as precious friends we haven't been able to visit with in years. We had so many people who drove up to six hours that day to be with us! We are so blessed to have that kind of community.
Even this little guy dressed up for the party! Lookin' good...
Zoe didn't waste any time getting to the fun! First on her agenda was face painting.
She chose a butterfly.
Precious little Aliegha wanted a little piggy... so she got one!
The kiddos all got to paint their own flower pot and plant a flower. Here is Zoe's.
If you weren't the flower pot painting kind there was basketball...
and fishing. Shoot. You could even learn to walk on stilts. HEY it can be a very useful skill. Grady was getting pretty good!
Then there were the 2,000 balls that were in the trampoline!
It was LOTS of fun to jump in those.
Here is Maya doing her best jump!

After all that jumping Kaitlyn wanted to just hang out with the sweet girl playing the harp.
Then we had the huge pinata and confetti eggs.
Here is Lilly with a head full of confetti!!
There was PLENTY of candy to go around. We came home with 4 bags of the stuff and there was candy just left on the ground afterwards!
Kaitlyn and Zoe's cutie cousin helping himself to some candy.
Great grandma watches the mayhem and protects the pinata stick.

YUMMY! CUPCAKES! Then Zoe and Polka Dot cut the cake. Ya know... cause we weren't hyper enough!!! :0)
After all that Zoe opened up her 2 million presents! Everyone was so precious and gave the most thoughtful gifts. This was one of them- her first cowgirl hat!!
Thank you to everyone who welcomed our Zoe home on Saturday. Thank you to everyone who has welcomed her everyday in a million different ways.
Love, Angel and the crew


Anonymous said...

Oh my!! How much fun was that?? What a special homecoming celebration!! We are so blessed, huh??

Bekah said...

Awesome party! What a special day she and you will remember forever! So blessed!

Tricia said...

I have tears in my eyes looking at these pictures.....

ZOE is HOME.....

Those 3 words bring me such JOY.

These Guatemalan Princesses actually make it home.......sometimes I lose sight of that....

Your post was just the little ounce of hope I needed as I face another previo-day outside of PGN and another day waiting for my Princess Sofia.

Zoe's smile touched my heart today. Please keep praying for our Sofia. I really do covet your prayers,


Jane-Jane said...

You have given me a really cool idea for a party this summer when the children visit from Belarus this summer....
Thanks for sharing your children and your life with so many of us... it helps the rest of us be better Children of God's!

Lou said...

Can we just come move next door to you? I wish I could see you beautiful people in person. Tricia is right....Zoe shows us that these little angels do come home! She is proof of God's promised fulfilled. God bless you all this wonderful Easter!

Love and hugs!

Natalie said...

You sure know how to throw a party! That seriously looks like it was so much fun!

And how touching it is to see the children that have come home to their forever families.

A Special Family said...

What a beautiful celebration, you have richess in your life that have nothing to do with $.

nikki said...

What an awsome party, and Zoe so deserves it.
From your posts we can all see what a special little girl she really is.

Suzanne said...

Wow, you really know how to throw a party!