Monday, April 09, 2007

Strawberry Picking

Friday we went strawberry picking at a farm not too far from our house. It was a really neat place. They even had there own little farmers market type grocery store. They had a lot of local organic type fruits and nuts and raw honey at great prices.... very cool since I have recently gone fairly hard core granola! :0) Anyway, we went with a lot of our buddies and had so much fun!Zoe was CRACKING us up! She wasn't just picking strawberries. She was HARVESTING them!!! I happen to know she harvested corn in Guatemala and she looked like she was in her element. She was certainly putting us all to shame.

She had her bucket entirely full when I had a fifth of mine filled. A bucket is 8 pounds!!! We bought a LOT of strawberries. Good thing they were only a 1.50 a pound!

Kaitlyn was really more concerned about playing and doing what she likes to call "The Straberry Dance."

Here's Madeline trying the dance.

Lilly couldn't dance cause she was having a little time to think... Can you believe that little cutie could do anything wrong?

The thing that cracked me up the most is that when they handed Zoe her box of strawberries she put it right up on her head and walked out of the store! How cute is that?

Later she taught Kaitlyn how to do it and they started yelling "Vende tamales." Which means Tamales for sale- I think. She said there were always lots of people selling tamales in Guatemala and they would carry them that way.

After all that picking we had a nice picnic lunch and some tree climbing with our friends. Then we headed home.

Zoe says she never had strawberries in Guatemala. This is how she feels about them! :0)


Lou said...

You are like, the best mama in the whole world. You do the coolest things with your kiddos. I love Kaitlyn's dancing.... She is always quite the little personality. I would love to talk to her one on one for about 30 minutes!

Jane-Jane said...

I think you guys are the only ones in the entire country that didn't have to wear long-johns this Easter weekend! Even here in SC we were cold and lost many crops to the freeze.... can ya send us some strawberries since Zoe doesn't want her share?

What a beautiful family you have!

Angel said...

Actually, the next day it was FREEZING COLD! Easter was rainy and cold. Good thing we went Friday. Hmmmm... I hope their strawberries survived! :0( Angel