Friday, April 06, 2007

A photo session with my princesses

Beauty comes in so many shades and colors. I love watching my little ones. One so dark and a fair pixie...both breath taking. I'm so grateful that God brought me these amazing children in such different ways. I pray that one day people won't see a family as people who look the same. For us family is choosing to love each other regardless of color or background. When I think into the future I see more faces in these pictures.... a little brown face before too long....maybe even a tan face with almond eyes someday.... all gorgeous. That's the way God sees beauty I think. Don't you?

Here are some artsy things I did with some of the pictures.... just for fun.

I think I am going to have one or two of these printed into watercolor paintings. Which ones are your favorites? Hugs! Angel


Natalie said...

HOLY COW are awesome! You wanna fly on over after Bella gets home and do some pics for us?!

I'm sorry but I cannot pick out my favorites...I seriously love them all!

Tricia said...

Angel, I adore the one of them looking at each other on the and all!!!!!! They are beautiful, my friend. Filled my day with joy! Happy Easter!

Bekah said...

Holy cow is right!!! How do you pick a favorite among those...they are all absolutely breath taking!!! I also keep looking at them and cannot pick one that I love the most. They are all so beautiful!!! Beautiful, precious girls!!

Jane-Jane said...

I'm glad I am not you... deciding would be IMPOSSIBLE! I would just decoupage the house in pictures of your BEAUTIFUL blessings!

Happy Resurrection weekend to you and your family! Jane

Suzanne said...

Oh my gosh, those are the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen!
You could frame any of them!

Lou said...

Those girls just take my breath away! Where did you go to take those pics? You are quite the photographer and need to give us all some hints. Tell me about having them printed as a watercolor painting. I want details sista!

Lou said...

OK, after much thought, #9 is my fav. So sweet!

Crystal said...

Angel--you are awesome!!!! oooh my goodness--these are amazing!!!! You have a gift!!!--You are just amazing --I love your blog --I say that everytime I comment but I really mean it--you and Julia are my heroes!!!! You two are awesome!!! This post hit my heart because I was just thinking the same thign the other day--I was looking at Caleb and his milky white skin and I thinking how beautiful he is and then I look at Sophie and what I would give for her color of skin and her complexion she is breath takingly beautiful!!! I do think it is how our Lord looks at beauty!!! Your children are so beautiful!!! I hope you guys hae a very HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!

Jennifer & Derek said...

I love the second one! They are all great! I'm sure it'll be tough to choose just 2 of them.

Your family is beautiful! Thank you for sharing these great pictures. Praying for your family while you prepare to welcome another child into your life.

Have a very Happy Easter!!!

A Special Family said...

They are absolutely beautiful. Wow, I will have to make a trip to Texas for you to be my children's personal professional photographer!!!

I tried sending you the email yesterday but it bounced back 2 times. Is all ok with your email account? Can you email me again so I can confirm I saved your address right?

Happy Easter Angel.

The McKenzie Crew said...

WOW - what beauties!!!!!!

I pray that this is your best easter EVER!!!

He IS risen:):


Love To Your Family From Ours!!!


Dennise said...

I love them all :o)

Jami said...

Oh my goodness, Angel...those pictures!!! So beautiful!!!! I just love their expressions! I can't pick either...WOW!!

Did you take these yourself?????


Kya Blu's Mommy Candy...aka KiKi said...

Ok these Pics are SO are a great photographer...WOW...I love the blue bonnets and hope to get some pics of Kya in them this year...Hugs Candy and Kya blu

Betsy said...