Monday, April 30, 2007

Can't blog for long!

I am about to leave to go on a very special trip!!! THIS is my first girl time getaway in YEARS!!!! Probably like 4 or 5 years... Two of my long time buddies and I are off for a beach getaway with no kids! (my mom an mom-in-law are with the girls- AWESOME grandmas) My friend has a baby too little to leave but he hardly counts. He just sits there looking cute. :0) I may or may not blog there. We will see how busy relaxing I am. WOW! The beach and no kids to watch. Whatever will I do??? I might have to TAN OR READ OR NAP!!!! OH MY! I am going on an ALL GIRL TRIP! WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!! If you have called or written to me and I have not gotten back to you I am SO sorry. With two trips and making sure we did two weeks of home school in three days, well I have been CRAZY BUSY!
I did just post on my other blog for those of you following "No More Junk In The Trunk." here it is... Later, Angel


Jane-Jane said...

Angel... good thing you didn't announce that you were going, you would have had many tag-a-longs with you! The beach sounds SOOO wonderful today! Don't forget your camera!!!

Anonymous said...

Have fun!! Don't take too many naps OK??? I hear it's bad for your health! Or at least the health of those of us who do not get to go to the beach this weekend and nap and tan and all that other stuff!! :>)
jealous mama in Texas!