Sunday, March 04, 2007

We are getting SOOOO EXCITED!!!

Well I am dedicated so here goes AGAIN.
WE ARE PUMPED! I think we are starting to get a clue as to where God is leading. Now PLEASE don't hold me to anything... we are still working through this. BUT we are getting closer. :0) I know some of you are working through your own research so I want to let you in our process.
After discussing it and speaking with some experienced parents about their thoughts we feel that we may not be ready for the foster adopt program. One of our main concerns is the risk that a child could be returned to their birth home and Zoe would not understand. We feel that this could be traumatic for her at this point. We know that she still has subconscious fears that this home may not be permanent. I can't imagine that she could handle having it not be permanent for another child and not have it be deeply disturbing. I believe foster adopt is a wonderful ministry. We may pursue it in the future. For our situation now it may not be a fit.
We have been researching and have gotten some GREAT feedback on a crisis pregnancy center that is completely not for profit in our area. They are fairly close to us and place almost only in Texas.
They are first and foremost a ministry to pregnant mothers that need help. They also happen to be a pro-life organization. I love their ministry because I have always felt that if you support women being pro-life then you need to consider adoption. If we believe that children are blessings and we want their birth mothers to choose life then we need to consider finding a place in our hearts and homes for more blessings!!
I don't often express my political views on this blog. I don't want my readers to focus on politics because my blog is much more about the condition our hearts. I only share this aspect of our beliefs to share with you what this ministry involves. I know some of you may be looking into this domestic adoption process and I want you to know part of what draws us to THIS place.
The birth mother's are offered a lot of couseling and support. They are even sometimes placed in Christian host families so they can be loved on and taken care of. I am sure that can also learn so much about parenting from experienced parents in those homes. They are NOT pressured to make an adoption plan. They are helped to make a plan for their lives. The birth mother's are encouraged to not choose an adoptive family unless they feel very sure about their choice not to parent. They may not choose until the 8th month of pregnancy.
When adoptive parents are chosen they are given the option to meet the birth mother before the birth. The adoptive parents may come to the hospital the day after the baby is born. The birth mother usually signs the adoption papers about 48 hours after the birth of the child. Then the adoptive parents are the legal parents.
All adoptions through this pregnancy center are semi-open. Letters and pictures are exchanged through the center at big occasions each year. Reunions occur at the pregnancy center every year I think.
There is a need for adoptive parents with hearts for African Amercian and bi-racial children. They are sadly considered hard to place. All harder to place adoptions are $5,000.
Sooooo long story short... I think this may be the place. I haven't gotten to talk to them personally but have been in touch with several people who know them or have adopted through them. I will try to get in touch with them tommorrow or the next day.
I'll let you know.
:0) Angel


Kerry said...

You saved me! Ever since you left the comment on my blog about my "two cents" about foster care adoption, I've gone back and forth about writing you. The last thing I want to be is one of those nay-sayers who warn people off about things, but I wanted to be honest about our experience too. It appears some others have already shared their experiences with you though. There are many success stories and children who have homes though too, that's what the nay-sayers always forget. God bless the people who can face it, and Lord knows they are needed, but there is something seriously wrong with our system in this country. It's tragic. If people think Guatemala is a mess, they should look closer to home. All that said, a piece of my heart is still there for some reason. I'm not sure where God will lead us, but it some capacity, I think I'm supposed to be involved with it...somehow.

Kendra said...

I also just learned about Project Cuddle at

I certainly have nothing to urge one way or the other, but it might be another option for you to look into.

Kris and Mindy said...

I just found your blog somehow and wanted to say I think that is so awesome! I wish there was a place around here like that because I am very supportive of that type of environment for pregnant mothers. HOW AWESOME. OH...and your children are BEAUTIFUL!

Ellie Puls said...


nikki said...

Oh Angel,
So happy for you as you begin this next journey.
Can't wait to follow along!!!!!

Kelley said...

Sounds very promising! Congrats. I am sure God and your heart will lead you in the right direction. Oh in case I haven't told you.... Your kids are gorgeous!

Meridith said...

Yea! WooHoo! Yippee! I think that we have been talking to the same organization in Houston. Congrats on making the first step!

Anonymous said...

How exciting.....I look forward to hearing more about your next adventure! I consider myself pro-life and thank you for opening my eyes to the "duty" we have to make sure these babies who ARE given life also have loving homes.
:) Megan

jeneflower said...

What a wonderful new path in front of you! I hope it works out. Thanks for reminding me to ask God about what he has in store for us next. I have been so focused on Pineapple that I have forgotten that we aren't done- that God isn't finished with his plans for us. Not that we are going to jump into anything big right now, but it is always good to think about the future.

Phyllis said...

That is great news! I'm very excited for your family and will be following along in this next adventure of yours.
I'm taking Kristen to Sea World in San Antonio next week. Houston is a little further from San Antonio than I was hoping, but maybe I can figure out a way for us and our girls to meet.

Tamra Perkinson said...

I'm so excited for you guys! I can't wait to see how God unfolds the story of your son or daughter coming home. What a joy!

A Special Family said...

I have started my LONG email to you, and will finish it tomorrow. I am sooo happy for you. So many domestic children are passed over, because of their age, or because they are not caucasian!
Yes, sometimes there are sad cases, I didn't get to adopt any of my 4 BUT I chose a foster program where I knew that was a possibility, no one lied to me, it wasn't dishonest, it was reality. There are many other programs that lead to different outcomes.
I am overjoyed for you! I will email tomorro!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just an idea, relating to loosing your posts.

Try typing them out in Word or some related program then you can copy and past into the blog.

That way if it disappears, which they frustratingly do, you can just copy and past again.

Anonymous said...

I mean paste not past. LOL

Natalie said...

Thanks for sharing your insight and all of the "behind the scenes" action as you are making this very important decision. You are such a wonderful family! God bless!

Lucinda Naia said...

Hi, Angel

I found your blog through Kelley's blog - Journey to Ella Rose.

Do you know if there is a similar ministry for birthmothers in Arizona? Your blog mentions that they usually place in Texas and I live in Arizona.

I'm expanding my options from Guatemala to wherever God has my child(ren)... I never considered domestic adoption because I always thought birthmoms would choose two parents. As of today, I am open to biracial and/or Hispanic. Who knows how God will continue to open my heart.

My blog is if you're interested in checking it out

Kya Blu's Mommy Candy...aka KiKi said...

Ok girl I may want to talk to you about the place you may adopt email is

Do you know if they will work with families in OK...

This is all AWESOME