Monday, March 26, 2007

Spontaneous Sea World

Well, last Thursday I decided we needed to do something fun. Since we have season passes to Sea World I thought WHY NOT???? So Friday we got up and I told the kiddos we had a surprise today and they better help me get ready. They got in the car and I never told them where we were going. Zoe did her school in the back seat. School on the road!!! She did awesome. They were so excited when we pulled up 3 hours later.

Have you ever seen this face??? :0)

That's what happens when you see a whale FLY!

If you see Shamu give the trainer a hug....

you might be lucky enough to get THIS face. It's a personal favorite of mine!

This is the girls' favorite ride to go on. See Zoe waving?? This was her third time riding that day! One of the reasons I decided to go Friday was because it was an off season day. It's crazy during Spring Break and summer even though it's fun. It's just too tiring to do it in one day and drive when it's so wild. Friday was perfect... 76 and cloudy...hardly any line. SUPER FUN and low stress.

I didn't say NO STRESS! This is when Kaitlyn could not go on a ride with Zoe because she was on red light. I think she was surprised that I would actually put her on red at Sea World. (FYI- being on red means that the offending child must stay within 3 feet of me unless instructed otherwise until said child "changes their heart" and shows obedience)

Kaitlyn decided to stuff herself into the cubby in protest of her "red" status. MEAN OLD MOMMY!!! When that didn't seem to phase me she straightened up pretty quick!!!

Before long life was peachy once again.

Overall it was a wonderful day together. I love having fun with my girlies in lots of big and little ways. It's not the activity that means so much... it's the moment. We had a girl day at Sea World. It was just really special and WAY FUN! It's so easy to get in mom mode and forget to just enjoy life. I so don't want to be that way. We are in a season of life where it is easy to take off with the girls and have fun. I am taking full advantage while we have it!
When I got home my hubby actually thanked me for taking the girls. I was so surprised. He said it meant so much to him that I would do that for them. AWWWWW!!! The house was kind of messy and I wasn't home to make dinner and he didn't care a lick. How cool is he???
Forget sweeping the floor one more time. This is what life is all about!
HUGS! Angel
PS Here is Shamu splashing the crowd. It's kinda grainy. I guess cause it was low light.



Amanda said...

I know that had to be a wonderful trip for the kids. I always love Sea World as a kid. Its wonderful that you could just decide to do that. I'm envious. We don't live that close to a Sea World. Your girls are so beautiful.

Jami said...

Wow, to live in Florida!!! :) That is my FAVORITE vacation spot! Your Kaitlyn seems to have a lot of spunk. She is hilarious!!

What a FUN day!!


Jane-Jane said...

love the faces!
I'm gonna have to use your red zone, even if it is only on my husband!!
What a great mom you are to surprise them with a fun day... spontaneous events are ALWAYS the best!
Last summer we did the same thing with our ABRO boys, but we drove 3.5 hours to the beach... a first for both of them to see an ocean, except from their plane ride. They had a blast, but the salty water was not much of a hit, but the waves and sand... worth the eye flushings!

your such a cool mommy!

Kerry said...

I saw a sign the other day that said "Boring women have immaculate houses." SO true!

Jami said...

Okay I just realized that you live in Texas...not Florida! :)


A Special Family said...

I forgot how amazing Sea World is! I like the red light thing!!!

What do you want me to include in my email? I am so lost with no internet for 3 weeks. Let me know.