Wednesday, March 14, 2007

PS It was hard for me to push publish!

I could hardly push the button to publish the blog entry below this. I am so freakin scared to talk about race at all. What is the right thing to say? What is the wrong thing? Am I going to be offensive? It's easier to ignore it all together and just hope that eventually it won't matter but that ISN'T WORKING! So it needs to be thought about.


Lou- Http:\\ said...

OK, I am still laughing. Can they do that to my Tahoe?? I immediately sent this to Daisy who just got a brand spanking new Dodge Caravan!!!

Wendy said...

I always tell my children that God makes people in all different sizes, shapes and colors. We shouldn't be afraid of the differences, we should embrace them. People who look at the outside of a person and make a judgement are ignorant. They just don't know any better. So far this works for us!