Friday, March 02, 2007


You people are VERY persuasive!! :0) Hee hee... Well I am NOT pregnant although it is flattering that you think I "glow." This uterus has no need to carry anything in it. Our hearts belong to adoption. We can't go back! Of course God can always give us a little surprise if He wants to and we will be overjoyed. For now- we are following our path.
You were mostly all right... we are starting the process for another adoption. However, this will be a very different kind of adoption.While we were going through our homestudy process for Zoe we had some great discussions with our AMAZING social worker. I will call her "P." "P" if you are reading this you are the best. Anyway, I was telling "P" that we were considering adopting from Haiti for our next adoption. She asked if we had considered African American adoption domestically. I told her that we had considered it but from everything I had heard there was a long wait for healthy babies and not a need for families. She said that sadly that was the case for caucasion babies but not for African American babies. I was appalled! How could that be?? I asked her if these were drug addicted or fetal alcohol syndrome babies. She said there are perfectly healthy African American (especially boys) babies that must be put into the foster care system because there are not families ready to accept them. Furthermore the cost for foster adopt of these children is FREE and straight adoption is very low cost. Not only is foster adopt free but there is huge financial help to pay for their expenses and college is payed for. SAY WHAT??? All that and there are kiddos with no homes because they are not the same color? I was stunned- almost speechless.
How did I not KNOW this??? Here I am a huge advocate for adoption and I had no idea that we had this issue in our nation. I went right home and talked to Russ. We decided right then that we would adopt one of these precious children some day.
While we were in process with Zoe we got to watch some super cool friends of ours adopt two bi-racial (I think-maybe just African American) babies. They are precious and beautiful. Who even CARES what color they are??? It makes me feel weird even typing it out. It frustrates me to no end that this is happening and makes me crazy that I never knew about it. Well now we know and we won't ignore it. We have decided to adopt a child domestically. It will most likely be a bi-racial or African American boy.
I know some people consider that controversial. I really don't get WHY??? Why is it okay to adopt from Guatemala or China and not right here? Is tan skin not as "culturally" different as black skin? I recognize that we will have a LOT to learn about the African American culture. We also have a lot to learn about the Guatemalan culture. We will learn...
The point is.... we knew that was probably next we just didn't know when. We have been thinking and praying and feeling like we should maybe get started just so that we would be ready. THEN last weekend this little guy popped up on the waiting child list. The more we talked about it- we just felt like this child would be an amazing match with our family. Don't get too excited. He was already matched with a family. BUT it got us really motivated to get ready and just wait for God to bring us our son or daughter or whatever He sends us.
This week we went to an orientation and I spent the week getting our paperwork together. Compared to our dossier for Guatemala I felt like I was on vacation. It was way simpler since you aren't dealing with immigration issues. We are going to take the 3 day training session in a couple weeks, get fingerprinted, get an update for our homestudy and we are DONE and ready.
Then we will just wait....wait and see who God sends us. Once we are matched it is usually very quick. You either take the child in as a foster child until the adoption is complete or you adopt immediately. In our case we are only ready to accept a refferal of a child who is available for adoption or almost definately going to be soon. They have risk rankings to let you know how likely it is that you would lose the referral. "P" said that out of I think 100 foster adopt cases they had 2 that didn't happen. These were a little higher risk so it wasn't a huge shock. They don't place kids in foster adopt if they don't think they will be available for adoption.
Of course all of this is stuff I am just learning so I can't promise I am relaying all of it perfectly.
SOOOOO I have A LOT to learn. We are not in a hurry but we want to be ready.
Here is the link to the little guy who inspired us. I would have loved for him to be ours but I am so grateful that he has a family. I know God already knows who our next children will be. Look how wonderful the two He sent us so far have been. He is REALLY good at this.
HUGS! Angel


Natalie said...

This is such exciting news! I am so happy for you guys! You are such an amazing family. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your new family member!

A Special Family said...

I am with you all the way. People to catagorize inter racial adoption...
As you probably read on my blog, I am now officially in the process for Guatemala, but my second choice (which was not by any means a second choice) was an adoption of an ethnic minority child from the USA. I spoke to a children's services department and they said that for every 100 US adopters in their experience only 4 are open to an african american child. Now I am sure this varies from state to state and area to area...and that is for healthy african american babies.
I do, however, worry about the number of children who are exposed who will never be adopted. Two of my foster children were exposed to drugs and alcohol during pregnancy, and were wonderful children. One had no problems what so ever, the other one needed special help to facilitate his learning in a way that worked for him (loads of repitition, structure etc).
A BIG CONGRATULATIONS about your decision. I am so very happy for you. I can't wait to follow the next part of your journey!

Crystal said...

HEY HEY CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOOH ANGEL I AM SO SO SO SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love what you wrote about your hearts belonging to adoption --you can't go back!!!!-- I am so with you on that!!! hugs to you!!!! I am so so so excited for you--we actually had a bi-racial domestic adoption fall thru while we were adopting Emma --I never posted about it--so crazy --we honestly never had God's peace --we never sought out the situation it fell in our lap literally! But the birthmom changed her mind and decided to parent (this was her third child --she was single and making 10.00 an hour)--it was a very sad situation.--But it really opened our eyes too--I am so so so excited for you!!!!! --GOd's hand will be all over this!!!!! I can't wait to follow your journey!!!! OOOOH I am so excited for you!!!!!!!! xoxoxo hugs!!!!--DREAM BIG!!!!!!!!!! hugs hugs hugs!!!!!!!

Crystal said...

hey ok now I feel so bad telling about our birthmom changing her mind--please know it was not God's plan for us to have that baby--and we it from the start-- we never had a peace about it --and we were scared she (the birthmom) would always try to take her away because of all the contact she wanted with us after the birth and placement.--So please know it was a totally differant situation--but you-- well I know God will be all over this Angel I am so so so so happy for you girlie ---oooooh I could not be happier you are an ANGEL thru and thru!!! I love you girlie and I can't wait to see what God has in store for your family!!!! hugs hugs hugs

Angel said...

HEY THERE!!! Don't feel bad at all!! There is good stuff and hard stuff to every adoption process. Just like we want to know the easy stuff and hard parts of Guatemalan, I certainly want to know the easy and hard parts of domestic adoption. I appreciate the awesome support of my blogger buddies. It seriously makes my day! You people are so great. :0) Angel

Alisha said...

CONGRATSS!! WE KNEW IT! ahhahaha!! You know, about a year ago, I was in the mall here & there was a lady from Germany in the US adopting an african american boy! I WAS FLOORED!! She had (I think) one child from Guatemala, one from China, a few from old fashioned way, & now ONE FROM AMERICA!! Ic ould not believe it either! Keep us informed!



The McKenzie Crew said...

Crying, Laughin, crying tears of joy, and more tears of joy - so many children and so little love!!! I am so proud of you guys for opening your heats and homes to more children. God has called you to raise a big family full of Love and laughter, family and faith. These will be children that know love and know God. They will make an impact on this world and make it a better place - all because of your lack of fear - strong faith and willingness to follow the voice of adventure - God's adventure!!

You tell your hubby that the McKenzie Crew is behind you guys 110% and we will be here for the long haul - as each of your incredible kids grow up into the amazing people God created them to be!!


I am soooooooo excited!! I love you so much girly and I am thrilled about this new little person!!

You SOOOOOO Rock Sista:)


Kelley said...

Om my Gosh I am so with you right now! We too have decided on a domestic adoption instead of Guatemala ( due to everything going on over there). The same thing is sadly true about "all hispanic" babies. It seems most caucasion people who adopt domestically want the baby to resemble them in some way. Check out our blog at There are babies here in the US that need someone to love them! Again Congrats! I will be watching your journey!

Suzanne said...

Congrats! What wonderful news. And the little guy that inspired you is very sweet.

I am surprised at what you found out, too. We just asked our social worker a couple of weeks ago about adopting a toddler domestically. She said it was extremely difficult - there just aren't any healthy toddlers in the system. Hmmm...


Kerry said...

So glad you moved over to Blogger. I'm going to add you to my blogroll if you don't mind. I just HAVE to follow this journey. We started out with foster care adoption but that wasn't God's plan for us at the time. He made that clear as day for us. He still lets me know we may not be done with it though. I emailed our caseworker a few weeks ago to get me a list of the documents we need to keep our homestudy active. There are so many lost children, right here in our own country.

God speed through this journey!

Lou- Http:\\ said...

I have never discussed it on our blog, but we had initially thought we were adopting a bi-racial little girl here in the US. Her grandmother wanted to place her much more than the bmom, because she was half AA. It enraged me! We would have loved to adopt her, but we prayed that God would help the Bmom raise her if that was His will. We asked in Alabama about adopting a bi-racial infant, and we were told it would be very difficult. Maybe you should hook us up with P! I have told God that if he wants us to adopt again to just let Andrew know. My heart is ready, and if he speaks to Andrew we'll know it's His will. I can't wait to follow this journey with you!

Love to you,

Crystal said...

Hey--okay thank for your comment back--you are just the sweetest!!!! I just love ya girl!!!! okay I am going to leave this on here--but like you said you can't hold me to any it--we are still very early in the process--but...we are (I think) going to adopt a boy from Guatemala--we were all set completely made up our minds to, put $ aside, and then all of this Protocolo Hague stuff started happening so now we are waiting for a call back from our coodinator next week to talk and see which way we should go--we have also thought about Vietnam too!!! --But either way we are definately going to adopt again--I am trying to hold out from posting about it until we have a referral --I don't know if I can make it that long though!!! :o)--But anyway girlie I cannot wait to follow your journey!!! I am so so so so so so so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hugs hugs hugs!!!!!

Dennise said...

I am so totally excited for you guys. We will defintely be praying. I can not wait for our financial situation to get better so we can start our next journey till then I will anxiously follow yours.