Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mom My Ride!

One of my new adoptive mommy buddies just sent me this! Thanks girl! Made me laugh out loud!! Since I just introduced you all to my awesome mom mobile I knew you had to see it. Too funny and scary accurate. She's going to need that Zima when she gets home.


Ellie Puls said...

HAHAHAHA that was toooooo funny!

Got to love it.

Crystal said...

I am cracking up!!!! :o)

Natalie said...

That is HILARIOUS!!! What a good laugh :)

The McKenzie Crew said...

Missin ya! Need some Angel posts:)

I need to see pics of those gorgeous girls:)


Ellie Puls said...

WHERE ARE YOU???? We miss you, Zoe and KK!

Hope all is well!


Lou said...

OK, Angel, it's been a week. Throw us a bone....What's going on?? We miss you!