Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sisterly Love

Zoe has had a fever blister for a week now. Tonight it came off and she was so happy. She ran in and said, "Look Mommy!!! No more. It's gone!"

I told her I was so glad and she ran off with Kaitlyn to the next room. Then I heard this precious conversation in the next room.

Kaitlyn- Oh Zoe!!! Did it come off??? OH GOOD! Did Jesus help you?

Zoe- Yes. I happy.

Kaitlyn- Do you want me to pray for you?

Zoe- (kind of giggles) Yes.

Kaitlyn- OK!! Jesus, thank you for helping Zoe's blood chest come off and for not making it hurt. In Jesus name amen.

Zoe- Thank you.

Kaitlyn- Your WELCOME! Hey Mommy! Zoe's blood chest came off. Jesus helped her!!

Me- Oh Kaitlyn. That is wonderful. You are so precious to pray for her like that.

Kaitlyn- THANK YOU! Now you say it Mommy. You say, Jesus, thank you for helping Zoe's blood chest come off and for not making it hurt. In Jesus name amen.

Me- (I did what she said!!!) :0)

Kaitlyn- Good. Good job!

I have no idea why she thinks a fever blister is called a blood chest but seriously... how SWEET is that? I love those girls. Angel


Amanda said...

That is so precious. That goes to show what caring daughters you have raised. Kaitlyn is such a great sister to pray for Zoe so that her "chest blood" doesn't hurt. Your girls sound wonderful.

Bekah said...

Angel...That is absolutely precious! I pray that my kids pray for each other some day with such beautiful, childlike faith! Thanks for your encouragement on my blog!!! It's so nice being understood!

Betsy said...

Aww. I'm very impressed w/ Zoe for going along with it. She seems to have such a kind heart, beyond her years, really.

I love your girls too!

Lou said...

Awwww, see how well you have led your children to the Lord? That pure sweetness is what life is all about!

Love you!

Powell Adoption said...

I love the faith of children, I want to run to the Lord in all situations like your precious little ones. What a blessing children are, no wonder He says they are a gift!

Jane-Jane said...

changing the world, one prayer at a time... to cool!

if only we adults would have the same child like faith and joy!

My eyes fill up with tears every time I really think about what you guys have offered all your children, the adopted, and the biological!

Natalie said...

This story just makes me smile:) Thanks for sharing! And yes, you have some precious children!

A Special Family said...

They are both soooo precious (yes I am back blogging - AGAIN!).

The McKenzie Crew said...

Hey girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you guys still coming to NC this June??????????????????
Tge baby will be here NO later than May 5th - so bring it ON baby:)

I miss you guys!


Anonymous said...

Love it love it love it!! Out of the mouths of babes, right??!! The faith of a child is pure delight!