Thursday, March 22, 2007

Friends Forever

Esperanza's American name is Lauren. She and her sweet mommy Carol flew to visit us this past week! This is a picture of the girls Feb 2006 at the Marriott in Guatemala!

Here they are- Zoe and Lauren- on US soil! The first thing we did Saturday when we picked them up at the airport was go shopping for clothes!That is because Zoe has grown THIS much!!!! See that bottom line? That is how tall she was when we met her in Nov 05. See the middle line? That's how tall she was when she got home Nov. 1 2006. The top line is now. She has grown 6 inches! Lauren had no summer clothes so she was in desperate need too.We found a TON of awesome buys for the girls. They are very cute and stylish! As I was piling on shirt after shirt for Zoe to try on she started crying. She said she was so happy to be able to go shopping and buy clothes. She was so happy that her friend was with her. OH MY WORD! I wanted to buy her the whole STORE! She is so precious.
These are NOT the outfits we bought BUT the girls had tons of fun playing dress up together.

What a joy to get to see them being giggly little girls together in our house. :0)

They spent all day Sunday playing and giggling and jumping on the trampoline.

Sunday evening Russ was sweet enough to make us dinner. This is the third time he burned the tostado shells. Gotta love that man!
Monday we went to see "Bridge To Teribithia." It was the second time I've seen it and I still cried like such a girl. It is a really great movie. Bravo Disney.
Then Carol treated us to lunch at "On The Border" for some great Tex-Mex.

Since it was such a gorgeous day we sat on the patio.

It was so windy that we nearly got blown away.

We got some fun pictures though!

The rest of Monday was just more goofy girly fun. We also had some great "talk time." The girls shared a lot of their memories of what life was like in Guatemala. That was nice.

Tuesday the girls were in for a very special treat.

We took all of them for pedicures! SO FUN!

At first KK wasn't sure about this lady touching her feet but she caught on real quick! She is the ultimate girly girl.

Then all of us went to the zoo! YAY!

We even got to see Mac the baby elephant. Awwww...

Lauren thought Mac was pretty sweet.

THEN we went HERE for dinner. ANYONE KNOW WHAT THIS IS?? If you have been to Guatemala you do. YEP! We got it in Texas! The girls were SO excited.
Soon it was time to drop our very special friends at the airport. Zoe shed some tears but we have already made plans to meet Lauren and her family at Sea World in a couple of months. She is already counting the days. No matter what happens these girls will be friends forever. They shared a time in their lives that none of us can begin to understand. I am so incredibly grateful that God gave them that friendship. I know it helped Zoe make it through the hardest year of her life.


Kerry said...

Wow, what a great post. You are right. We so often have to wait...or never see God's plan, but here we are blessed. We get to see it and how perfect it is.

It's such a very small world. I'm pretty sure my Mom and I talked with them in the airport shuttle when we visited Cameron in September 06. Do you know if they stayed at the Grand Tikal during that time? I remember bits and pieces of their story and they look very familiar so I'm pretty sure it's them.

The McKenzie Crew said...

God is so good - I love how his love for us is so far beyond what we think is BIG!!!!


Missed you glad to see you back in blogland:)

Lou said...

I don't even have any words. Thank you for reminding me how God is working in all our lives.

Love to you,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your BEAUTIFUL post and powerful reminder of God's power and love for us!!
These 3 girls are absolutely gorgeous!!! What fun!! Maybe one day we can meet up in Shamu-land too. It's halfway across the state for me, but I love it there!! :>)

Carrie said...

What a special time. You are so right. It is amazing how these girls and families were brought together. I am so glad Zoe and Lauren have each others friendship and it will be a bond that will be forever.