Monday, February 05, 2007


125 not-really-holiday cards are IN THE MAIL! YAY!!!! The girls helped me with the stamps so if they are all over the place don't look at me! Hee hee. We also included an invite insert to Zoe's Welcome Home/ 8th Birthday Bash in the letter. We only put them in letters if people we thought might be able to be there or would just really want to know the date. Of course you are ALL invited. It will be the last Saturday in March in Central Texas at my mom's house. It is gonna be a blast! :0) So look out for it soon. FINALLY! I know.... this has GOT to be the latest holiday card ever. Oh well. I just gotta go with it. Ya know? Angel


The McKenzie Crew said...

I can't wait - I will be stalking my mail man:)


Carrie said...

Hi Angel,

It is the thought that counts--doesn't matter when they go out. Happy Belated Birthday and it looks like you had fun! The girls are gorgeous and happy!

Take care,
Carrie, Rich, and Savannah