Monday, February 05, 2007

Sweet AND Sassy

I just love my little Kaitlyn's personality. She is so fiesty and SOOOO sweet. This is the face I got when I told her to get busy on her school work. If looks could kill! Hee hee. I told her she needed to change her heart.
2 seconds later she says, (in the sweetest little voice) "OK Mommy. I changed my heart...I love you. " Then I get this face.

Here is her finished puzzle. It was part of her school. She was SOO proud. She did it all by herself. It was a new puzzle- so a little tougher. :0)

Here is KK's favorite jacket. Her cousin gave it to her and she thinks it is super cool. She looks so cute in her cheetah print. I don't always get to choose her outfits anymore. She has her own "style." Fortunately she does pretty well.

She loves these shoes. She would probably wear them almost every day if I would let her.

Here is my princess doing her dancing tape. Now that she is learning to dance she loves to twirl in circles wherever we go. Yesterday I walked into the girls play room to see this. AWWWWW... how could I not grab the camera??? They were watching a show together.
On first glance she looked so GROWN UP! Her legs crossed like that. HEE HEE! Until you notice....

...this! This is KK's quirky habit. Since she was a baby she has always played with her belly button when she is tired. It cracks me up. Russ and I joke that she will still be doing this when she is 16! :0) I just love that girl. All the parts of who she is are amazing. She is the most precious and loving little sweety. Her sparky sass and 2,000 different expressions just add to her fun. I am so grateful for my girls.



The McKenzie Crew said...

We love that girl too!!!!!
i hope you all can come to see us in NC!!:)


Suzanne said...

You have an adorable family. You are so blessed, but I know that you know that and appreciate it :)

Ellie Puls said...


Gotta Love them!