Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A good day when you homeschool...


Lou- Http:\\waitingforannepearce.blogspot.com said...

I taught elementary school for 12 years, and I am SO impressed with Zoe's progress! You are an amazing mommy and teacher. Hey....do you have room for 3 more?????


The McKenzie Crew said...

wow - YOU are my hero- I wish I had of done that with ALL of mine!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

where did you get those sequence cards that Kaitlyn is using??
Your girls are amazing!

Angel said...

Hey Megan, Hmmmm I think they were from Wal-mart. Near the school supplies they have educational stuff. THANKS! :0) Angel

Julia and Lou, Thanks ladies!! That is so nice to hear. I'm new to the homeschool thing even though I have taught before. It can feel intimidating. Hugs! Angel

A Special Family said...

Wow, I so want to homeschool too! What a great school and students you have there.
Those beads sooo remind me of my Montessori days, they use beads for math and to this day people say to me 'how could you work that math question out in your head' my response: two words Montessori and Beads!