Friday, February 02, 2007


Okay... first one.... tagged by Ellie

6 weird things about me.

1. Russ and I moved 8 times in the first 7 years we were married.

2. Russ asked me to marry him after only 5 months but we were engaged for two years. (had to graduate college)

3. I lived in Germany when I was younger but refused to learn German.

4. I was educated partly in public school, private school and homeschooled.

5. One of my hubby's best friends is a guy I dated in highschool for two years.

6. I have known since I was a teenager that I was supposed to adopt kids.

Next tag was Betsy..... Go to page 123 of the book you are reading and type the first 6-8 sentences.

John's Story- Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins (just started a bible study on John at church)

By Sat. morning John was seriously ill. And with much of the house staff still observing the Sabbath, only Ignatius and Polycarp and a few others were able to attend him. Though he still kept from them the truth about the pain in his chest, John could not deny he had lost his appetite, his bones and muscles ached, and he was short of breath. His voice was but a whisper, and he had trouble keeping his eyes open.

OK that was less than 6 sentences but they were LONG and you get the idea! :0) Angel

PS I decided to add in the number of hits I had on my old blog to my stat counter so I would know how many people had hit both blogs. Anyway, that's why it went up so much in ONE day! Hee hee.


gledwood said...

How bizarre I was just thinking what a beautiful blog, I was going to give your url to my friend Ruth ... who (now this is where it does get bizarre) tagged ME with the very same 6 WEIRD THINGS quiz as you were just answering ... I answered it on my blog ..!.. and I only found yours by hopping "nextnext" from mine...
I'm at you're welcome to drop by, I'm leaving your url with Ruth & will tell her what happened ...
What a crazy world we live in, eh?


RUTH said...

And I'm the Ruth he is talking about. Great to blogmeet you. Re; your posts above...Happy Birthday...sounds like you had a great time.