Sunday, January 07, 2007

Zoe Jan 7 2007

Meet Zoe! Now you can hear for yourself how things are going for her. :0)


The McKenzie Crew said...

OK - Big Tears! Huge tears - all tears of Joy!!!
WOW - she has grown inside and out since this Summer at the Grande Tikkal!!!Angel - You are doing an awesome job ! You are just a Momma from your toes to your head!
Hug those gorgeous girls for me!

Hi ZOE!!!


Stacy said...

How sweet is THAT!!!! I liked that ending even better than the end of Little Miss Sunshine!

Welcome to the Blogger neighborhood. I'll have to get you a housewarming gift.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I am glad to be here. I love it so far. Glad you like the video. :0) Angel

Julie said...

Oh my goodness! Zoe has the SWEETEST voice! She sounds so happy and judging by the pics - so do all of you!

Congrats again!!!

Lou and Drew (mostly Lou) said...

Zoe is beautiful, and I can't believe how well she already speaks english. I wish I could speak spanish. We leave Monday for our first visit with our 3 month old daughter. I pray that Zoe continues to do well. The ending made me cry and cry!
Blessings to you,

Crystal said...

OOOH Angel--This was so so precious!!! The ending was the sweetest thing!!! so so so precious!!! Jesus is amazing!!! WHat a blessing you have there and what a wonderful momma you are!!! hugs!!!!