Monday, January 08, 2007

Wish you could do something?

Right now many adoption agencies are out there trying to get accreditation to be able to continue adoptions with the Hague treaty laws. You can tell the council on accreditation your opinion of your agency and help them decide whether it is a reputable agency. The deadline is Jan 31st 2007. Don't delay. It is quick and easy and VERY inportant. Whether you had an awesome agency or a horrible one please go to this website and comment.
This is our chance to help adoption to become a safer and more fulfilling experience for families. Please help us make sure that the good ones stay working and the bad ones get shut down. Blogger friends, I encourage you to post this on your blog. I know there are parents out there that don't know about this. Let's make sure we have a voice.
Thanks to Robyn for letting me know about this. I have certainly put in my two cents.

End of soap box,
:0) Angel


The McKenzie Crew said...

Thank You so much for that post - I am on it!!

Stacy said...

Sorry, I can't post it on my blog yet. Don't want Crazy Lady to know what I'm up to. But you can rest assured that I WILL be making a comment. The only question remains - will it be anonymous or with my ENTIRE story? People with really bad stories like mine either move on and hope to forget when they get another referral, or they find another agency. I cannot forget, not for Ingrid or her birth sister, or for all the families who should not use this agency.

PLEASE report any agency operating with unethical processes. You can leave an anonymous comment if you're still in process and fear repercusion from your agency. PLEASE PLEASE do not let another family suffer lies and intimidation by unethical agencies.
(Sorry for the rant on your blog, Angel. Can't do it on mine. YET.)

Angel said...

Don't worry! That's what I want you to do. Amen sista'. It's exactly how I feel. There are great agencies out there we need to speak up for and support. There are HORRIBLE agencies that we must speak against. Evil prevails when good men do NOTHING. I am so grateful that you are willing to speak up. I am so sorry you are in the painful position you are. I hope and pray that there will soon be a better sytem in place to identify ethical and competant agencies.

Erica said...

Yipeeeeeeeee! I can comment much more easily now, thanks for switching to blogger!

I just watched the video of Zoe, what a sweet, adorable, lovely girl! I had only seen snapshots previously, and it's really different to see a video.

I am so, so glad she is finally at home with you all and adjusting well.

Now onto the topic: I made my comments about my agency but thanks for raising awareness of the accreditation process - there are too many terrible agencies out there who needlessly torture adoptive parents & waiting children! I hope this process will require real honesty & integrity in agencies.

Angel said...

Thanks Erica. I love my new bloggy home. It's great! Glad you liked the video. She is precious.

I truly hope this accreditation process helps make things better. You are so right. There is much to be desired right now.

Thanks for droppin by. :0) Angel