Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Who me????

Today I was on a very important phone call and Kaitlyn asked me if she could have chocolate. I didn't really say NO... I was distracted. I just gave her the quiet signal and kind of waved her away a little. (I know- great parenting) Later, I went to go get some chocolate for ME. You know.. like mother, like daughter. I couldn't find it so I asked Kaitlyn where it was. She said, OHHH it's in the TV room where Zoe and I were." I went in there and almost the WHOLE bag was gone. THE WHOLE BAG!! No wonder she had just said her tummy hurt. I said, "Kaitlyn, you ate too much chocolate. I think that is why your tummy hurts." Then I tickled her and teasingly said, "Little girl, you are so bad!" She giggled and said, "Oh mommy. I'm not BAAADDD. I'm just really silly!" I said, "Yes, you are really silly and I love you." I laughed and couldn't even be a little irritated. It was just too cute.
All this brings be back to my quote for the month. "How can I be the superhero God wants me to be when all I can think about is chocolate?!" (From Larry Boy on Veggie Tales) It's really what this all comes back to. Or something like that! :0)

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