Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sea World

Last weekend we went to Sea World with some wonderful friends of ours. I got to see Zoe make THIS face when she saw Shamu JUMP out of the water for the first time. I was ready...poised in the seat in front of her waiting. I knew this little sweetie had yet to see a killer whale bigger than a bus leap out of the water like a gazelle. As you can see the reaction was quite worth my effort. Moments like these with Zoe are so dear to me. To watch her experience being a child in all it's glory when most of her life has been survival.... it's amazing. What a profound privilege and blessing. I don't know how to describe the feelings I had when I saw her expressions as she walked around that park.

Out of the whole day the moment that almost brought me to weepy mommy tears was THIS.
My girls. Holding hands, giggling and running through the park. They were just sisters. I think that day it finally started to feel more "normal" to me. As wonderful as Disney was it was also crazy and we were exhausted. Christmas was so amazing but this was different. Sea World is something special we do a lot as a family. It's a normal and fun part of our family. Seeing Zoe skipping along and laughing there hit me in such an amazing way. She is really here. She's going to be with us at Sea World from now on. I got so choked up I thought I might lose it. Tears of joy. She is really ours- forever.

Here is more of our special weekend together.

WOW! Did you SEE that??????

Feeding the dolphins. Very cool.

Riding the teacups... Mommy trying not to get sick :0)

Does it get any cuter than that?

I really don't think so. :0)
Now that Zoe is home Kaitlyn is SOOOO brave. She and her friends went on all the "big kid" rides over and over because there was NO LINE. YAY! They had so much fun SCREAMING and squealing. Kailtlyn kept telling me, "I'm big enough for this mommy. I'm big enough for a roller coaster!" It was a wonderful time.

"Mommy, WHY won't those dolphins come over here so I can't pet them NOW??

The Alamo at Christmas

More Later Friends, Angel

PS Look what I just found! This is a picture of Kaitlyn's face the first time SHE saw Shamu. TOO FUN! My adorable girls. Kaitlyn was about a year old.

Here is Kaitlyn feeding the dolphins for the very first time. Sea World was love at first sight for both our girls I guess.

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