Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The role of duct tape in productive parenting

NOOOOOO this is not my kiddo! NOOOOO I do not know who's kiddo it is and do not plan to employ duct tape into my parenting any time soon. HOWEVER, there are days that this could be extremely handy. Don't you think?

This is particularly funny because it was sent by some wonderful old school friends of ours. One of them used to be very keen on duct tape in college. He used to go on and on about all the wonderful uses for duct tape. Very appropriate. Thanks for passing it along guys. I am so excited because we get to spend this weekend with them. FUN! :0) Angel


Ashley said...

Oh my gosh! LOL! I came here and thought "OH MY GOD THIS WOMAN DUCT TAPED HER BABY TO THE WALL" then I read that she isn't yours.. :)

A Special Family said...

Oh MY!!!

Angel thanks for stopping by my blog! I can't wait to read more about your adoption!

Angel said...

YEAH I figured I better clear that up right away! Never actually used that method before...Hee hee. It was too wild not to post it. I did see on my friends blog an actual device to harness your baby onto a bathroom stall door! I guess so they wouldn't get dirty. I don't understand. It was fascinating. Thanks for dropping by. Angel

Ellie Puls said...

OMG.... I love it... Not that I would do that to my daughter... But this is soooooo funny... Thanks for sharing!!!

So... does it make me a bad mommy for loving this picture?


Angel said...

No way. It just makes you a mom with a great sense of humor. :0) Which is very handy for being good at the job. Angel

The McKenzie Crew said...

Angel. Angel, Angel - now my secret is out = yep - that is how I manage to keep up with all of my kids - now you know!

That pic is Hysterical - but not as funny as the "pitching his tents" video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


jeneflower said...

My sister in-law just recently emailed me that photo! Too funny!