Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Money Bags

Both of our girls have many small jobs that they do around the house just because they are part of the family and we all pitch in. However, if my girls do work that I consider above and beyond little kiddo chores I will pay them allowance. Zoe loves to help me with these jobs. She has been saving up her money since she came home. For Christmas she got an American Girl doll named Josephina. She had mentioned that it bothered her that Josephina didn't have any extra clothes. I asked her if she wanted to use her money to buy Josephina some things. She was super excited.

When we counted her money we found that she had saved $30. WOW! Not bad. We went to Target and she picked some things. She bought a bathtub and an outfit.

She had so much fun and was so proud of herself. She said that it was her first time to buy something with her own money. She said that she worked hard in Guatemala but didn't get paid. :0( I told her that I thought it was because her Guatemala mommy needed the money for food. She agreed with that. She said she wants to work some more to save money for some more outfits. Good for her, great help for mommy! :0)

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