Sunday, January 07, 2007

Last chance for a not-really-a Christmas card

We have one just sitting here waiting to be sent to you. If you would like one of our holiday cards which will be sent out whenever we manage it then I would LOVE to hear from you. Just e-mail me your address at I KNOW it's pathetic. January 7, 2007 and the cards are still here.. OOPS! Get used to it people. I don't know if we have ever managed to mail out our cards before February. So if we get it out by January 30 we consider it early.


The McKenzie Crew said...

Zoe - ya know I love that picture!!!


Betsy said...

Right back at cha!

Zoe has a longer tongue- na na na na na!

Send me that doggone Christmas card! :)

Suzanne said...

Hi Angel,

Found the new blog...just letting you know.

Did you get the pictures I sent of Gage? I bet you got a ton of xmas cards this year.

Love the pics - especially sea world.

Angel said...

I'll let Zoe know you whole heartedly approve Julia! :0)

I did get your precious pictures of Gage. SO SWEET! I got a million cards this year and I just LOVED every one of them. Every time one came in it was a reminder of what God has done this year.

MAN! You people with your Christmas cards that you ACTUALLY send out before Christmas. Makes me look bad. :0) It's comin' one of these days Betsy. Hold onto your pantalones. Hee hee.

The good news is that Russ is getting all organized with software that prints out labels and keeps them organized. So hopefully it will be way easier in the future.

HUGS to the three of ya!


Valerie said...

Yep -- this is way easier to pull up and view as well than the other blog. I love it! Of course, that means you darn well better keep it updated for us crazy daily blog-checkers...:)

Much love from Oklahoma from crazy Henry and his mamasita

Holly G. said...

YIPPIEEE!!! I found you and can finally leave comments. Hi Zoe and Kaitlyn!!!!! And you too, Angel and Russ!!!