Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I never told you about New Year's

We had a great New Year's! New Year's Eve we had some friends over and had fun just hanging out together. We wimped out right about midnight. New Year's Day we invited over a bunch of friends and had a tamale party to honor the Guatemalan tradition of having tamales for the holidays. Everyone brought over a side dish or desert and we let the kids run wild. It was a total blast. Check it out.
Snuggling and looking at fireworks

Zoe and baby Will. Zoe LOVES babies.

Kaitlyn's buddy Avery playing peek-a-boo with a big Santa hat

Kaitlyn not sure about those fireworks.

Not all of us liked the tamales but PB and J was a big hit too! :0)

I wish you a blessed year. Happy 2007!!



The McKenzie Crew said...

luvin you being a better blog buddy!!

I love your knew blog!!!!!


Dennise said...

I love the fact that I can now leave comments...The girls look beautiful...

Betsy said...

And, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too. Now when am I going to get that Christmas card?

Is Zoe having any adjustment difficulties? Crying at all? Does she miss her foster mom? How is she doing in her studies? Details please :)

Angel said...

I love that you guys can comment too. OK Betsy... I'll answer your questions today. :0) Angel