Thursday, January 04, 2007

Christmas Memories

The best thing about this Christmas. Home, home, home, home, home with all of us.
I love getting to watch the girls with our family. Especially seeing Zoe there was so wonderful. She just fits. I felt more complete as a family this year. Everything felt right...finally.
This is what I LOOOOVE about Christmas time. Roaring fire, presents by the tree, some hot chocolate and soft music in the background. It's just a feeling of calm and appreciation.

I love real Christmas trees. I also love the old timey feel of popcorn and cranberries on the tree. Some times we make cranberry balls for the tree but no time this year!

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Anonymous said...

woooo-hooooo!Hey girly!! - I am so glad you started a new blog - your old blog ws hard for me ~ ya know I am soo blonde! I am so excited - send you other bloggers to this address and kill the old one! POST< POST< POST girl - I love to read your stuff!

Love All Y'all!

PS-Hey Zoe and Kaitlyn -
Angel I linked your new blog from mine - OK???